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Teal Beauty
Rs. 500 Rs. 550
Teal Beauty
Save 20%
Jade Wonder
Save 9%
Amber Filgree
Save 20%
Navy Splendor
Save 9%
Glow of Amber
Save 20%
Brown Beauty
Save 9%
Amethyst Marvel for Rs.Rs. 550.00 | Jhumkas by Prashanti Sarees
Rs. 500 Rs. 550
Amethyst Marvel
Save 20%
Blue Glass Stone Jhumka Earrings for Rs.Rs. 400.00 | Jhumkas by Prashanti Sarees
Save 9%
Blue Wonder Stone Jhumka Earrings for Rs.Rs. 500.00 | Jhumkas by Prashanti Sarees
Circular stylish carved earrings
Carved Circular Brass Earrings for Rs.Rs. 350.00 | Studs by Prashanti Sarees
Circular carved earrings
Save 29%
Carrved exotic jhumkas
Square exotic earrings
Peacock style carved earrings
Statement contempoary dual tone earrings
Save 13%
Chunky dual toned carved jhumkas
Save 14%
Concial traditional earrings
Save 14%
Traditional conical twist jhumkas
Peacock carved dual tone jhumas
Circular statement dual tone earrings
Save 23%
Stylish Peacock Dual Tone Jhumka Earrings for Rs.Rs. 650.00 | Jhumkas by Prashanti Sarees
Save 16%
Dual tone square embellished earrings
Dual tone circular earrings

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