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Instead of usual saree pictures, we wanted to give our clients a detailed live view of the sarees, know how they're woven & more info on sarees before they buy one from us ! When asked, our Director Ms Brindha Padmanaabhan readily accepted & decided to explain the sarees all by herself. We'll be releasing videos in regular intervals.

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Here are some of our latest videos!

Silk cotton sarees - Korvai & budget sarees

A lovely video on budget sarees that looks expensive though! Also the fascinating silk cotton sarees with Korvai borders are showcased.


NALINA - Kanjivaram silk sarees

A video on our enthralling pure kanjivaram silk sarees - Nalina . Each saree is woven with fabulous combination of motifs, attractive colors & gold, silver zari.


Madhuram - Soft Silk Sarees

One of our trending videos on Madhuram - Soft silk sarees. Madhuram is a beautiful collection of silk sarees that combines silk sarees' lustre with comfort in draping.


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