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Prashanti Gift Card

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Gift your loved ones. Gift cards are one the best way to make our loved ones happy & also you will have the chance of letting your loved ones choose their favorite gifts ! You can also buy these gift cards if you're confused on choosing the perfect gift for your loved ones.

Card can be used Online or at our Exclusive stores in Chennai & Bengaluru.

Here's how to use our gift cards while Shopping from our Online store.

  1. Enter unique code of your gift card in the appropriate box during Checkout.
  2. If the purchase is more than the card's value, remaining amount can be paid through Payment gateways or Credit / Debit Cards.
  3. If your purchase is below the card's value, you can reuse it again till the card's value gets depleted.
  4. Once the total value of card gets depleted, you cannot reuse it again.
* Validity of card will be 12 months from the Date of Purchase.


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